CATMAN change-over system

 Quick and easy single hand operation!

CATMAN change-over system

​For Platforms - Leaf collectors - Leaf containers

With some extra equipment the change-over system can be used with any CATMAN truck with hydraulic lift an turnable platform.

The stay rod is mounted in front of the platform, the platform is raised with the hydraulic.

The stay legs are turned to vertical position and locked... - and CATMAN is ready to fetch another platform, leaf collector etc.

While driving, the suction nozzle can be raised or lowered - quick and handy changing for use with suction hose

Leaf collector​

CATMAN leaf collector as change-over device - quick and easy mounting.

Tip function​

CATMAN leaf collector with tipping.

Leaf container​

CATMAN leaf container with change-over fittings.


CATMAN standard platform modified for use as change-over device, and steel platform (250 liters).