Aiming for your functional requirements

ELTOR Sharp is targeted at the needs of cemeteries and the green park sector. Sharp is a strong and compact electric transporter at a budget-friendly price. 


The machine is built of quality components with all parts powder coated to ensure the best durability. 

A climate-friendly choice

The latest technology makes ELTOR Sharp an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving machine.


The machine is easy to operate by all and has a high level of safety. Sharp is versatile and focuses on comfort and ease of use.

ELTOR Sharp's many features

Smart system to regenerate braking energy • Supremely easy to use • Dashboard with digital info centre • Very tight turning radius • Safety checked • Electronic parking brake • 2 speeds • No maintenance or water filling of batteries • Suspended and adjustable quality seat • Folding seat (never get rainwater on it) Width:  87 cm • Length: 220 cm • Top speed 15 km/t • Loads up to 750 kg • Double-action hydraulic tipping.