CATMAN leaf collector - chopper and blower

Volume is reduced by up to 90 percent!.

CATMAN leaf collector - chopper and blower

Self-propelled with hydrostatic drive
Continuously variable travelling speed in forward and reverse
Push/pull version, for mounting on platform or tail-board
Quick-change from suction branch to hose.

Combined leaf collector and chopper makes leaf collecting easier and efficient.

Chopped leaves and hedge chop takes up less space and volume is reduced by up to 90 percent.

Chopping saves labour with handling of bags. The chopped material can be delivered in a hermetic plastic bag.

CATMAN self-propelled leaf collector is with engaging/disengaging of the blower wheel and propulsion.

The suction hose for all models are with inclined suction pipe and handle with support wheel. The cyclone can be raised or lowered and thus various sizes of bags may be used.

Suction branch in 80 cm width.

Front support wheel (ø 250 mm) makes driving easier on uneven ground.

Push or pull​

CATMAN self-propelled leaf collector with suction branch and hose.

Easy shift​

Quick and handy shift between suction branch and hose.

Forward or reverse

Forward and reverse drive is operated with handle at front or with the steering handle rear.

Mounting on platform

Leaf collector for mounting on platform fixed to the sides.


Leaf collector for PTO drive.

Easy to move​

Leaf collector for towing


Equipment for blowing.

Shift device​

Leaf collector as shift device on CATMAN truck transporter.

Back mounting

For mounting on tail-board.