Customers say...

The ideal vehicle for the green sector

ELTOR Sharp is a robust and reliable compact electric transporter at a budget-friendly price. .
The machine is tailored to the needs of cemeteries and the green sector, offering a multitude of features and options. It includes an intelligent system for regenerating brake energy, top user-friendliness, a digital info center on the instrument panel, very small turning radius, electronic parking brake, and 2 speeds. It features a comfort seat with suspension and adjustable, foldable seat. Available in both 2WD and 4WD. No maintenance or water refilling required for batteries.

"It's clear that these are quality machines that can withstand use and where functionality is well thought out," says Svend Erik Riisager of DSN Church and Cemetery Articles.

"With ELTOR Sharp and SmartTurn, you get a lot of quality for your money, and I would highly recommend these vehicles for places like cemeteries and other tight spaces," says Svend Erik.

If you're in need of a functional machine that can maneuver in tight spaces, contact IMKU.