ELTOR lift and attachments

Take a look at all the different attachment tools that can be fitted to the lift on ELTOR Sharp and SmartTurn

Cemetery rake with hoes

The hoe cuts weeds at the root and the rake completes the task. Working width is 100 cm. Rake tooth spacing is 4 cm .


Cemetery rake - 100 cm

Rake for narrow cemetery paths Tooth spacing on the rake is 4 cm.
Can be expanded as a double pull rake.


Ordinary yard rake - 120 cm

Ordinary yard rake with 4 cm tooth spacing for a great-looking result.
An extension can be fitted to increase rake width to 170 cm.


Tow ball attachment

Standard 50 mm tow ball attachment for use when driving with a trailer. 


Coarse brush

Suitable for sweeping leaves, twigs, sand and gravel away from walkways, parking spaces or similar. It is also good at pushing snow.


Gravestone mover

The gravestone mover attachment allows the ELTOR SmartTurn and Sharp to carry gravestones using the lift.


Storage and toolbox

For transporting equipment, tools and the like if the cargo bay is used for something else.

Aluminium (30011-30)
Plastic (30011-31)

Rake for coarse gravel or granite chippings

This coarse double-row rake is very suitable for raking and loosening coarser surfaces.


Simple shovel

The shovel is well-suited for picking up sand and gravel from a pile and driving it to where it is needed. The shovel can be loaded using the ELTOR but has to be emptied by hand as it has no tipping function .


Lifts 200 kg

The lift has a lifting capacity of 200 kg and transfers the same weight to the attachment. It also has a floating position.

Silent and electric

The lift is silent and electric but is just as quick to operate as a hydraulic lift.

Easy tool shift

It takes approx. 5 seconds to change gear. The lock opens and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to mount and disassemble the implement

The reversible driving direction on the ELTOR SmartTurn allows you to choose the driving direction that best suits the attachment you are driving with.

Other requirements or ideas?

If you have other requirements, we would love to hear your ideas. We are usually able to help.