The machine of the future for both cemeteries, municipalities and housing associations.

Two in one

It looks like two different machines, but you get it all in a single machine.

Highly usable

ELTOR SmartTurn gives you an innovative and reliable machine that matches your needs.

Well-thought-out design

The machine is the product of thorough conceptual development in collaboration with the user. It has been designed and calculated down to the smalles t detail. 

Key functions

Unique reversible driver’s platform

Turn the driver's platform the other way round instead of reversing down narrow passages. SmartTurn runs naturally in both directions.

Electrical and quiet   

No noise from the engine or power steering.

Large capacity  

SmartTurn will easily cope with a hard-working day, does not require water filling and there is no risk of explosion when charging. 

87 cm wide

Length : 220 cm

2WD or 4WD

SmartTurn is available as 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive variants.

Turning radius 1450 mm

A tight turning radius makes it easy to navigate every corner. 

Additional functions

Safety checked • Supremely easy to use • System uses braking energy to recharge the battery • 2 speeds • Suspended and adjustable quality seat • Powder coated • Smart speed control when driving with baskets • Dashboard with digital info centre • Folding seat (never get rainwater on it) • Comfort grips on both side of the seat • Loads up to 750 kg • Double-action hydraulic tipping • Onboard 22V charger • Automatic electronic parking brake