Get a helping hand...

It is not exactly fun to have to clean a well or sewer, but it can at least be made more interesting when you have an effective tool for the job.  Try the IMKU cleaner!

IMKU sewer cleaner

Wasted time is wasted money. Therefore, do not use home-made tools when cleaning wells, sewers, septic tanks and the like .

The IMKU sewer cleaner makes all these tasks easier and cleaner.

The IMKU sewer cleaner takes care of the nasty stuff and quickly and efficiently removes dirt, stones, sludge, sand and twigs.

All lengths are available to order.

IMKU sewer cleaner standard lengths :
1,50 metre
2,00 metres
2,50 metres
3,00 metres
3,50 metres
4,00 metres

For special lengths or functions, please contact us.

Many IMKU sewer cleaner variants

There is an IMKU sewer cleaner for pretty much every purpose .