Extra equipment for ELTOR Sharp and SmartTurn

ELTOR Sharp and SmartTurn can be supplied with numerous equipment options. A wide selection can be seen below.
If you have special requirements or new ideas, we would love to hear from you.

Side tipping

Tip at 90 degrees to the driving direction using the truck’s side tipping solution.

Trailer fit system

Switch between different trailers or your own equipment, e.g. leaf blower or similar.


You can mount rakes, hoes, snow scrapers, etc. to the lift. See the extensive tool program  here.

Work lamp

For early winter mornings.

Different trailer types
  • 100 x 85cm with 50 cm fixed sides
  • 110 x 90cm with 30 cm removable sides
  • 110 x 90cm with 50 cm removable sides
  • 125 x 100cm with 30 cm removable sides
  • 140 x 90cm with 30 cm removable sides(for Sharp only)
Differential lock for 2WD

For off-road driving with ELTOR Sharp and SmartTurn 2WD.

Position lights front and rear

Make the machine more visible in the dark.

Lithium battery pack

Additional battery life and a reduction in the total weight of the machine.

50% extra battery capacity

Provides even longer range for one-off purposes.